Thursday, December 15, 2005

Saturation Point

There's a point, I think, after which it just doesn't help to study anymore. I believe I've reached that point with Property. I've had a whole week to work on the outline, and I got it done last night. In fact, most of it had been done by Monday night, except for landlord-tenant law. Since that material is more recent, I'm more comfortable with it.

I went to the law library today with the full intention of studying. After Tuesday's review session, during which we went over possessory estates, future interests, and especially focused on the rule against perpetuitites, I've reached a certain saturation point. I honestly think there's not much more I can study for this exam. So I spent my time in the law library playing spider solitaire.

Mind, this is not to say that I think I will ace the exam. It is merely to say that I feel comfortable enough that I don't think I will do poorly. It's part and parcel, I suppose, of an overall feeling of listlessness, and an inability so far this semester to get really excited about course material. Despite the rumors from other sections that my section (which has the lion's share of older students and students with more real-world experience) studies assiduously, I am an exception. Having discovered too late that simply doing the reading isn't enough, and that briefing matters both more and less than I had thought before the beginning of the semester, it seems that it's just too much work to relearn an entire semester's worth of material. Besides, I'd already reviewed it by dint of creating the outline.

The Property exam begins in 12 hours. Next week, we will face finals for Criminal Law and Torts, both of which are far more intimidating. I guess there's not much more to say, except a fond good luck to my classmates. Just don't outscore me by too much, okay?

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