Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Byrne Trial Advocacy Team

On Saturday 16 September, 43 ambitious law school students competed for the right to enter the finalist round of competition for a set on the 2006-2007 Byrne Trial Advocacy Team. It was a grueling competition; only 16 were selected to go to the final round. Of the two fine gentlemen here, both articulate speakers, one made it to the next round (the dapper young man in the full suit). Neither made the final roster.

Congratulations to the men and women who made it onto the team: Michael Abed, Malaika Clements, Danielle DeSmeth, Gavin Doyle, Terrence Jones, Hooman Kazemi, Anand Kumar, Prateek Lal, David Palmer, Gautam Sood, and Sara Yin. Sara represents 2005-2006's Section 2.

Best of luck to the team as they take on the nation's best throughout this year!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

APALSA BBQ at Griffith Park

As the summer days wound down, the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) held its annual welcome BBQ at Griffith Park. Here are snapshots of some of the moments:

The spread:

Will Choi about to bite off more than he can chew!

Brian Jun is extremely happy about the amount of meat!

The Stud with his mentors, J-chizzle and Sam:

The APALSA Board: Charles Lin, Ed Yun, Pete Hong, Alice Chen, Will Choi, Cathy Kim, Hee Sung Yoon, and Danny Yoo.

APALSA has also organized a presence on Westlaw as a TWEN course. Add APALSA for more information on future events.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Turf Club - Part VI

Turf Club started back up this semester. Rumors are that there will be fewer of them this year.

For this first Turf Club of the school year, Westlaw came out as a sponsor, along with their nice big cups. The cups, unfortunately, had the effect of draining the keg of beer a lot quicker than the usual party cups that Turf Club usually uses.

In addition, the even was much better advertised, and quite a large number of students turned out in the waning days of summer.

Afterward, a few students decided to indulge in a pick up game of basketball.