Sunday, April 30, 2006


As the first year draws to an end, Law Law Stud will probably not be posting very much. Grades from the end of the first semester, and from the contracts midterm, have generally left something to be desired. Law Law Stud will also not be posting outlines online, because we prefer to do it manually (old school HTML hack here), so it takes too much time, and because the outline may fluctuate between posting and exam times.

Here is a fond and heartfelt wishes for the best for all of the 1Ls that have made an impact. And, for those in Section Two that were just a little disturbed by the decision in Kelo v. City of New London, 125 S. Ct. 2655 (2005), check out what the City of Anaheim has been up to. Good luck, everyone!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Barristers Ball

On Saturday 15 April 2006, The Musix Box was closed for a private event. Dozens upon dozens of Loyola Law School Students converged upon the old Henry Fonda Theater for the 2006 Barristers Ball. As the last two weeks of instruction for the school year drew upon the weary partygoers, the Ball gave the hardworking students a chance to see their friends in their finery, and not talk about law. The exhortation was to "dress to impress", and those that came most certainly did!

For pictures, see Nam's pictures on Flickr.

Music Box is at 6126 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. There is a transparent tent over the roof so people can lounge there, but the downstairs bartender serves stiffer drinks.

Update: (2006. PDT) FormosanWonderBoy has posted up his own account of the Barristers Ball.

Update: (2006.05.05.23:45 PDT) More pictures here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Birthday at Ma'Kai

Nam celebrated his birthday over the weekend, and invited all of Section 2 to join him, in addition to some friends from UCLA and elsewhere, at Ma'Kai. And what a turnout it was! For pictures, check out Nam's pictures on Flickr.

Ma'Kai is located at 101 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA. A Long Island Iced Tea will run you $14 before tip, but a pint of Guinness goes for $6 before tip, and fills you up too.

Turf Club - Part V

It was again the last turf club of the semester this past Thursday! This time around, there were some well-dressed people milling about, 1Ls getting ready for their oral arguments.

Happy Birthday, Krystle!

Law Law Stud is not usually in the habit of keeping track of everybody's birthdays. However, last Tuesday, 4 April, was a special exception. The Stud's study partner, Krystle, edged a little closer to being able to rent a car without mandatory insurance. So the Stud, and a few friends, managed to surprise Krystle with ... an ice cream cake!!

One more year before the quarter century, girl!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oral Arguments

Many 1Ls got their first taste of litigation last week, as we headed for oral arguments based on Graded III. My experience was that it was great to see everyone all dressed up, and to have an opportunity to start growing into the shoes we'll be wearing once we're out of law school.

I prepared a little bit by reading opposing counsel's brief for about an hour before going in for arguments. He had made some references that I couldn't find. I re-read the case and couldn't quite figure out how he came to the conclusion that he did, especially when he point-cited it. Most of my hour was spent doing that.

Just before going in, I went to the library to print out a copy of my own brief so I'd have notes to go on. As I read through it, I noticed that the highlights on my citations actually showed up despite the black-and-white printer. That means the papers I'd turned in also had the highlights. D'oh!

After listening to Oshin practice his prepared speech, I felt my confidence drop quite a bit. All I had to go on was my portrayal of the defendant, a fictional university motioning for summary judgment in a Title IX sex discrimination action. ("Illinois Southeast University has a history of providing an enriching and rewarding college experience to all its students; and in the early 1970s, we extended those opportunities by providing an athletic program.") Fortunately, opposing counsel seemed eager to get it over with, and wasn't looking for a real duel. The judge was also quite congenial, and helped us along with some of the questions.

I didn't get the shakes; that lectern was a good psychological stabilizer. Knowing that it was there for me to grab on to if I had to, I didn't actually shake so much. I gave myself a mental pinch for every time I said "um" or "uh", and found my brain far less bruised than I had thought it would be. The judge noted that I would sometimes look off to the right. I replied that, according to an article I'd read somewhere, when a person is looking off to his dominant side, he is trying to recall something; when he is looking off to her other side, he is trying to make something up. The judge thought that was interesting.

Unfortunately, the case was designed to be arguable in both directions, which means that the defense's motion for summary judgment would pretty much inevitably fail, for those who were curious. I was not so curious; I was caught up in the high of swinging at all the judge's questions. He had one interesting note for me: He thought that I adequately answered one of his questions, even though I prefaced the answer with "I'm not completely sure", or other words to that effect.

When I came out, I shared war stories with others from my Legal Writing class. I would say that Craig, Carolyn T., and Renee were the most enthused. Craig and Carolyn were now quite sure that litigation is the path they would want to go. While I wouldn't say that I had quite that experience, I would say that I now at least am willing to consider litigation, where before I had been dead set on doing more transactional work.

Hope everybody else had a fun time!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wit of Mandamus II

April began with a great show here at Loyola Law School. Members of the LLS community, including students, alumni, and even professors, put on the second annual variety show, Wit of Mandamus II.

I won't include the entire program, but having signed up recently for an account with YouTube, I can share some of the video clips from my Canon Powershot S70:

Here's John Pham playing one of his original pieces, "Supernatural":

Here's Student Bar Association presidential candidate Scott Wilson playing "Soul Meets Body":

Musical Director Cameron Fredman (2L) and Assistant Director Jonathan Stout (1L, Section 2!) jam together in "All of Me":

Professor Jay Dougherty also had a chance to jam with Jonathan, in "Minor Swing":

Professor Dougherty then showed off his amazing skills during a bridge to Stephen Cawelti's rendition of "Hey Hey, My My":

For the final act, Grace Lim treated the crowd to "Walkin' After Midnight", accompanied by Cameron (piano), Justin Goodman (tenor sax), Professor Dougherty (electric guitar), Jonathan (drums), and Professor Allan Ides (electric bass):

This has been only a glimpse of the fun from that night. If you missed out this year, be sure to make it next year!

Bar Review - V - Brass Monkey

I have a minor confession: I haven't been to every bar review this school year. I missed the first one; but it's okay, because last week, the last bar review of the year was held at the first venue of the year: Brass Monkey.

Like-minded Loyola Law students turned out en masse for this last bar review. Section 3 in particular represented. Section 2 was not without representation, though; other than myself, there was the ubiquitous Shani, as well as Alex P., who brought his brother; Amos, Renee, and Dan K. put in an appearance for all of 10 minutes; and Nam resumed his everpresence.

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