Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wit of Mandamus II

April began with a great show here at Loyola Law School. Members of the LLS community, including students, alumni, and even professors, put on the second annual variety show, Wit of Mandamus II.

I won't include the entire program, but having signed up recently for an account with YouTube, I can share some of the video clips from my Canon Powershot S70:

Here's John Pham playing one of his original pieces, "Supernatural":

Here's Student Bar Association presidential candidate Scott Wilson playing "Soul Meets Body":

Musical Director Cameron Fredman (2L) and Assistant Director Jonathan Stout (1L, Section 2!) jam together in "All of Me":

Professor Jay Dougherty also had a chance to jam with Jonathan, in "Minor Swing":

Professor Dougherty then showed off his amazing skills during a bridge to Stephen Cawelti's rendition of "Hey Hey, My My":

For the final act, Grace Lim treated the crowd to "Walkin' After Midnight", accompanied by Cameron (piano), Justin Goodman (tenor sax), Professor Dougherty (electric guitar), Jonathan (drums), and Professor Allan Ides (electric bass):

This has been only a glimpse of the fun from that night. If you missed out this year, be sure to make it next year!

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