Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Barristers Ball

On Saturday 15 April 2006, The Musix Box was closed for a private event. Dozens upon dozens of Loyola Law School Students converged upon the old Henry Fonda Theater for the 2006 Barristers Ball. As the last two weeks of instruction for the school year drew upon the weary partygoers, the Ball gave the hardworking students a chance to see their friends in their finery, and not talk about law. The exhortation was to "dress to impress", and those that came most certainly did!

For pictures, see Nam's pictures on Flickr.

Music Box is at 6126 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. There is a transparent tent over the roof so people can lounge there, but the downstairs bartender serves stiffer drinks.

Update: (2006. PDT) FormosanWonderBoy has posted up his own account of the Barristers Ball.

Update: (2006.05.05.23:45 PDT) More pictures here.

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