Monday, March 27, 2006

"Graded III"

It sounds so innocuous when we call it that: "Graded III". It has been, however, anything but innocuous.

Spring Break had begun with some fun times at Tom Bergin's. But once Spring Break began, it was time to start working this, the third graded assignment for our Legal Writing class. Every day, it was time to start working on it. I started working on it on Monday. Then Tuesday. Then Wednesday.

By the time Friday rolled around, I had gotten going, and felt I had a good grip on the case. By the time I went out on Saturday, I had a skeleton of my arguments. Today (Sunday ... very very very very late Sunday night) I fleshed it all out with citations and a few comparisons here and there. I fear this won't exactly be Dante's Inferno, but I feel as if I've been living in purgatory this week, and maybe some higher level of hell.

Tomorrow, it's time to print. And it's time to read over my handiwork to check for minor mistakes. It could be the difference between a C+ and a B-, after all. And it's time to work on my table of contents, because it doesn't seem Microsoft really appreciates that lawyers need to underline things for our outlines.

I feel bad for all the professors with Monday classes. I don't think anybody will be awake. Despite all the advice we were given, to try to do the work before Spring Break, my intuition is that we all procrastinated until the last few days. Oh sure, some of us might have started early. But few started getting heavily involved until the last few days. Anyway, time to catch a couple of hours of shut eye. I'll see everyone in class in ... just over 5 hours from now.



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