Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moral Oddifications

As I studied for the Contracts midterm, I found that I was pronouncing "oral modifications" [partly covered by UCC 2-209] as "moral oddifications". The insanity didn't end after I turned in the midterm materials, either. Still, I think we're all glad that the midterm is over. There wasn't nearly as much stress as there had been for the Torts midterm; but I don't have a good feeling right now. Professor Hull had suggested that we view this as "guerilla warfare": Hit all the issues, but don't worry about beating any one issue to death unless there's time after you've hit everything.

An amazing thing about sitting there typing is that all the advice drains out, along with half the rules I'd memorized. Great.

So it was with some eagerness that I went to St. Nick's Pub to have a drink. Chris L. was there early. Tall Girl, Alex P., Nam, Warren, Oshin, and Chris M. all dropped by as well. St. Nick's had a good vibe generally, and would've been even better if more folks from Section 2 had shown up. Still, others members of the class had other arrangements as well, as we took up Dean Burcham's advice to enjoy our Saturdays.

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