Thursday, November 17, 2005

Turf Club - Part I

Tonight was Turf Club, a tradition here at LLS where the Student Bar Association brings some beer on campus for the hard-working students. For me, it's reminiscent of Beer Garden Wednesdays at IBM's Santa Teresa Labs (now called the Silicon Valley Labs). It was quite timely, too, considering that we got our grades back from the Torts midterm. (I scored right in the middle -- not bad for starting my outline the night before the midterm.)

The turnout was particularly high this time, and Professor Nockleby turned out to chat with some of us for a bit. I had a lot of fun, and actually managed to stay until almost 7pm (the party had started just past 4pm). Heck, even Shirley managed to stay on campus for this. Between Criminal Law and Turf Club, we had about four hours. We watched part of a presentation on Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, then spent the rest of the afternoon reading our case books. Well, I did. Shirley was playing Spider Solitaire, her new hobby, after she did a good deal of reading (about 20 pages) in Criminal Law. (I barely managed to get 33 pages done in Torts.)

Bobby, the Section 2 Representative to the Student Bar Association, was on hand, and hooked Section 2 members up with beer above the ration of 2 cups each. Around 5:30pm or so, the library disgorged about ten Section 2 members or so, who merrily joined in the feast. It was good!

And now that I've had some coffee, the beer buzz is wearing off. Now, to watch Batman Begins!

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