Monday, November 07, 2005


After the midterm, I lounged around at home first. The fridge was kind of empty, but I scrounted up four sausages and Napa cabbage, and added two cloves' worth of chopped garlic, and made a meal out of that. In the evening, I joined Dad and Eddie and Ben in Cerritos to watch Jarhead, which I rather liked.

After the movie, I joined my classmates at Busby's, a place over in Santa Monica. When I got there it must have been almost half past eleven, and there was a line that didn't move for quite some time. I eventually got in, though, and found a bunch of my classmates there. The place was so packed that you're bound to rub up against somebody; and the people were friendly. I was generally pretty happy because I'd gotten a big weight off my mind, I was finally in a place with a nice ambience, and I was surrounded by classmates. The thing about classmates in law school is that, ever more so than college classmates (especially at a big campus like Berkeley), or even high school, these people were like trench buddies, comrades-in-arms. You might not even share that much in common with them outside of school, but having had to go through the same trials (haha) together tends to breed a certain bond.

Anyway, so I had a content if not completely shit-eating grin on my face. And people, whether they knew me or not, smiled back. Put that together with the packed place and I found myself in a situation where gorgeous women would graze me with their breasts as they tried to squeeze by. The fact that the men weren't doing the same with any part of their anatomy other than the usual arms, elbows, and shoulders) meant it wasn't only because it was packed.

I did see a rather pretty Asian girl there. Her face looks ethnic Chinese. I thought she was rather pretty, but she wasn't smiling. Sure, it added to her mystiqute and what not, but I can't help but feel that a smile would have made her face radiate with even more beauty.

Anyway, someone was already hitting on her, and since Derek wasn't there to prod me I wasn't getting any return smiles anyway, I decided to pay attention to my classmates instead.

I even ended up meeting some students from section 3, Eddie's section. One of them turned out to have been one of the guys I was standing in line with. We chatted up about as much of a storm as could be expected given the music.

Now on to Busby's itself:

  • Cover: Cover charge was $10. Not bad for Southern California.
  • Alcohol: I went with hard drinks this time. A red bull and cognac in a rather small glass cost $12. Ouch. A rum and coke in a similarly small glass cost $6. Not a bad price until you realize the size of the drink. Oh, and Armen got me a shot of Jägermeister to start off, and Jose got me a Pellegrino toward the end of the night (a nice alternative to a glass of water!). So the drinks are on the steep side, but it's Westside, so it's sort of expected.
  • Music: I thought the DJ wasn't great. The choice of music was fine, but I'm generally easy to please; but the transitions left a little something to be desired. It reminded me of the DJ over at Rudy's in Palo Alto. Still, I'd say Busby's is better.

So to wrap up, I had a good time, and look forward to future outings with my classmates!

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