Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Solo Practice: Business License

Today, the Stud took the first real step toward starting his own practice: filing for a business license with the City of Los Angeles. In the State of California, the only license required to open a law practice is one's bar license. However, the City of Los Angeles requires that entities that do business in the City, including the practice of law, obtain a business license.

The Stud went to one of the offices of the City of Los Angeles Office of Finance. For those similarly interested in starting up, please see the FAQ provided by the Office of Finance. To obtain your own license in person, visit the Office of Finance at one of eight locations.

The Stud felt an queasy excitement in his stomach as he stared at the piece of paper which declares him open for business as a solo practitioner. It's a huge step!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, and good luck! I went thru this a few months back in NYC.

Bruce said...

Thanks! What did you do to get clients?

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Bruce!Did you get any help from any California Bar programs? I see they just (February 2009)published a 602 (!) page guide to opening a law office. Most State Bars have several ways to help new lawyers opening offices such as official mentoring programs and,of course, Lawyer Referral Services that may send clients your way. Have an inexpensive celebration for your new practice even if you are working from home. You may want to find a local function hall and rent a small room for the event.Read the Ethics rules on solicitation etc carefully. Know the Bar Ethics Hotline number and call BEFORE you act if you have doubts. Learn which kinds of clients you are better off without. There is a entire set of CLE materials on the subject of client selection--to avoid nightmares. On the positive side clients need accessible lawyers and you will provide a valuable service. Pick a few areas of law that are natural to a solo and go where clients with these needs hang out..small business groups, civic events etc. Do some pro bono work in areas of particular interest to you. Volunteer for local bar programs. Write for law newsletters. Sincerely, Anonymous Retired Lawyer

newdealgirl said...

Congrats! I landed my first client today! It is so exciting!