Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bar Trip Day 23

Today, Day Twenty-Three, was the final day of the trip. We left early from Derek's place, because the parking meter starts running at nine in the morning on weekdays. Since Derek lives so close to the Bay Bridge, we had no trouble getting on and finding our way to the other side of the San Francisco Bay. Since dad got to go to his alma mater on this trip, it was my turn.

There is a spot on Sproul Plaza which is theoretically not subject to the laws or jurisdiction of any human nation or state.

I used to be a regular near Sather Gate, when I used to "table" for the Chinese Student Union.

I used to have an Americano and a scone at Caffè Strada before classes. This time, I just had a cafe au lait.

When I started fifteen years ago, Underhill was a set of tennis courts above a parking lot. During my freshman year, the tennis courts were torn down, and Underhill was just a parking pit for several years. Now, Underhill is again covered, this time by a soccer field.

The dorms have grown, too. The dining commons has been relocated away from the central plaza of each complex of dorms, and new buildings have been added to each unit complex. I had to live in both Cheney and Deutsch my freshman year, because of renovations.

From atop the hill at the Lawrence Hall of Science, one gets a much better view of both Berkeley and the Bay Area.

Along the way to the freeway from the Lawrence Hall of Science, we encountered a stand-off between authorities and tree-sitting protesters. Word has it that the protesters were eventually removed from their perch.

Along the way, it seemed like locals were setting up shop near the mesmerized throngs.

We decided to take US Route 101 this time, so as to be able to get to Pismo Beach along the way. Why? To have clam chowder at Splash Cafe.

Pismo Beach is home to some nice views of the Pacific Ocean.

The locals like it, too.

Finally, we found our way back to Santa Monica Pier, which is where we "officially" started.

Icy Z has traveled 9,745 miles since leaving Santa Monica the first time around. There is also the extra distance from home to Santa Monica, adding about 40 miles to the total.

Hango was glad to see us back again.

This is the last video log entry of this trip.

Thank you for keeping up with this travelogue!

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