Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bar Trip Day 18

Day Eighteen was also largely uneventful, until the very end. First, we finished up the Iowa portion of our trip. Iowa's cornfields are larger than the family farms in norther Ohio and Indiana ...

But that's nothing compared to the vastness of Minnesota's fields.

When we entered South Dakota, near Sioux Falls, we were greeted with advertising for South Dakota beef, so when it was time for dinner, we pulled into Mitchell, a larger town along Interstate 90, and targeted Chef Louie's Steak House and Lounge. The prices were definitely not low, but were not as high as those at big-city steakhouses. I had the filet mignon and a cabernet sauvignon, and was quite satisfied. If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend it.

Watching beautiful sunsets has become a regular pastime on this journey, but it never gets old!

After the sun had set, though, it became difficult to take pictures. The crossing of the Missouri, at Chamberlain, South Dakota, was more impressive than the crossing of the Missisippi had been when we had entered Iowa.

But it was later on that the unsettling event occurred. Just before Vivian, South Dakota, Icy Z warned me that there was something wrong with the tire pressure. I switched over to the tire pressure display, which showed that one of the sensors was not sending information to the ECU. We pulled over and inspected the tires to make sure nothing was wrong, especially since, given the state of repair of South Dakota roads, it was hard to be sure that all that had happened was a simple signal failure from the tire pressure sensor. Once Icy Z had enough rest, though, she was eager to be back on the road.

We decided to turn in early today, even though the motel cost more than we were used to, due to the excitement of the momentary crisis. Here is the video log entry for today.

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