Sunday, May 18, 2008

Law Law Stud, Juris Doctor

Sunday 18 May 2008 proved to be a hot day, as Southern California languished beneath a heat wave that toppled temperature records. Set by the ocean, the campus of Loyola Marymount University was caressed by gentle breezes, bringing much relief to the more than 450 men and women receiving degrees from Loyola Law School.

Before the ceremony began, the candidates for JD and LLM degrees gathered to make sure their gowns were donned correctly. Many took the opportunity to take pictures with their friends.

After a class photo session on a football pitch, the candidates lined up and began making their way toward Sunken Garden for the processional.

All along the way, various candidates looked to find their places, some having arrived late. As the heat began bearing down on the candidates, they often watched with envy whenever they saw one of their number walking about in much cooler wear under the purple gowns.

Along the processional, parents and friends began taking pictures with the candidates, excited to be part of this rite of passage.

The candidates remained standing as the large group filled the seats:

Once the candidates and faculty were seated, the commencement began in earnest, and the candidates took the heat with stiff upper lips:

The keynote speaker was LMU Executive Vice President and Provost and former LLS Dean David W. Burcham, who spoke of a syllogism: "First, life is about relationships. Second, the practice of law is about life. Therefore, the practice of law is about relationships."

Finally, the time came to present the candidates. After presentation of all the candidates, the names were called:

After the calling of names, the recessional began, ahead of schedule. Once the recessional ended, it was time for pictures.

Professor Romano mugs for the camera, Internet Age-style:

Law Law Stud is now a Juris Doctor. It has been an exhausting day, and tan lines from the caps and, for some JDs, glasses or shades, are beginning to appear. But no matter. Barring the unexpected, we are finally done with school!

And now, on to bar prep classes, and the bar exam. Congratulations, Class of 2008, and best of luck!

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