Tuesday, May 13, 2008

End of Finals Party at Club 740 (Hallelujah! Again!)

As the Property II final wound down, fun-starved students began piling into Club 740 in downtown Los Angeles, less than two miles from the Loyola Law School campus, for the End of Finals Party; some did so without bothering to stop for food! The anticipation was great, and the venue was very convenient. For graduating students, in particular, the party could not come soon enough; some even hurried through the Property II final to get a head start on pre-partying.

For some other graduating students, there had been some time to wind down from final finals last week--enough time to finally attend to personal affairs that had been left on the back burner during this last push.

The party was well-attended, and included some acts that were very much in the spirit of show business: There was Mad Chad Taylor, who juggled three chainsaws, and Danny "Rubberboy" Smith, a contortionist.

The Stud's camera ran into file-writing issues around the time of the acts--the acts took so long the camera was unable to squeeze it all into the SDHC card, which trades speed for capacity. In any case, the Stud was, well, "occupied" by then, and for the remainder of the night. As a result, there are not nearly as many pictures this time around as in previous times. Further, the pictures were predominantly of graduating students due to the euphoria of being done (!!) with law school finals. Nevertheless, here are the pictures the Stud was able to find on the camera.

Some graduating students started bar review classes the very day of the End of Finals Party, so were not able to make it out despite wanting to. A few still had straggling finals the next day, and some others still have papers to work on. All in all, though, the party was an exercise in rediscovering largely unfettered fun, a luxury most graduating students have not had in three years.

Next up, graduation!

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