Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Abroad 07 - Farewell Banquet

The farewell banquet was held at the Crowne Plaza Beijing Wuzhou Hotel. The food was pretty good, but I didn't get to have much of it because we were just too busy taking pictures and chatting with friends.

Paul and Rob rocked the bling they'd acquired at Silk Alley (秀水街), a famous indoor flea market in Beijing, and hoisting "1.8s". A "1.8" is a bottle, containing somewhere about an imperial pint worth of Yanjing Beer (燕京啤酒), a local brew, that costs just ¥1.80, or about US$0.25. Although it's quite skunky at room temperature, if you've got a cold one and you get past the neck, it does its job, and at that price, certainly can't be beat. "Target" is the only place we've found that carries them at that price, and its stock is regularly raided, not only by the Americans, but by local students looking for a cheap buzz.

Rob was also sporting the tailored suit he got at Ruifuxiang (瑞蚨祥) in Wangfujing (王府井).

Sara loves balds.

Courina and Raven look excited to be going home.

Eric's had a good time, for sure.

Dr. Xia, who organized the logistics at UIBE, seems relieved that the second week went by without major problems.

Taiwan represent!

Lushes represent!

Sara and her coterie of Loyola men.

Diane, usually so quiet, came out of her shell for the banquet.

Section 2 represent!

Sara loves her Loyola men.

Chang and Chang. We'll see you in court.

Afterward, almost everyone piled into Cash Box KTV (錢櫃). In the interests of world peace, no pictures or videos from the drunkenness of that event will be posted.

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