Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Abroad 01 - UIBE

This summer, a group of students from Loyola Law School, Brooklyn Law School, and Fordham Law School converged on the University of International Business and Economics, or (對外經濟貿易大學), for a 2-week academic program.

On the day we arrived, there was a dust storm; in fact, Ted had thought we were still in the air about 5 seconds before the plane touched down at the airport. This picture is from late afternoon, so the orange-tinted haze isn't so apparent.

Our accommodations were humble but sufficient. At least we didn't have our shower head right over our toilet, even if four guys had to share one bathroom.

UIBE students used glow sticks to point to the venue for a student inter-organization show.

We walked along this walkway every day on our way to the western Main Gate.

The law school building where we ultimately had our final had Loyola colors.

We were told that the log cabins represented ethnic minority groups.

What log cabin is complete without a log bridge nearby?

Even the main lawn, just inside the Main Gate, shows some school pride.

The program had to find separate accommodations for many members because much of Building 0 that was not already occupied by other foreign students was claimed by governmental programs. This particular banner bade a warm welcome to the ganbu (party representatives) of the Treasury Department of Jin City in Shanxi Province.

Professor Atik and Mike Mou steered the class of 58 students through the nuances of international trade and WTO law.

The official name of this on-campus mart is "Education Supermarket". We Americans called it "Target", for obvious reasons.

Behind the proud announcement of the school's name is Cheng Xin Building, where class was held.

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