Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is Law School a Waste of Time?

The second half of second year is well under way now, and the Stud is feeling a little burnt out, to the degree of actually missing a bar review. At times like this, one can't help but wonder if law school is a waste of time. Here's a snippet:

The Carnegie Foundation is correct in observing that law schools are weak at teaching prospective lawyers the kinds of client-representation skills that Stracher’s adversary had mastered so well on his own. The fact, however, that it is quite possible for people like him to learn those skills somewhere other than in a law school ought to cause us to wonder if a formal educational setting is really the best place for lawyers to develop the representational skills they need. That competent paralegal may have been so good because he observed lawyers in action. If he had spent three years in law school, he probably would have known less about how to advocate for his clients.

We at Loyola Law School are fortunate in that LLS does not shy from employing adjunct professors for practical as well as theoretical coursework. In fact, Loyola is well-known for the continuing practical legal education it provides for Los Angeles-area attorneys. My fellow Legal Lions, take heart! And since you're in it already, make the best of it!

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