Monday, February 26, 2007

Barristers Ball 2007

Barrister's Ball came a little earlier this year, but that worked well for the hundreds of fun-starved law students and their friends and significant others that descended on the Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood on the night of Saturday 24 February 2007. As Law Law Stud sauntered toward the front door, a bright yellow bus pulled up with dozens of hooting partygoers.

This year, there was no special rate for couples, as the Student Bar Association tried to incentivize stags to go and party anyway, despite the characterization of the party as "Law School Prom". Whatever the rationale, the turnout was fantastic. Law Law Stud had a nice, sedate dinner with friends, and before much time had passed after the arrival at the Music Box, the night frittered into a frenzy of meet-and-greets. Law Law Stud caught up with friends from all years of law school. Of the 2Ls, the former Section 3 made the best showing.

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