Sunday, February 12, 2006

Malibu House Party

The major social event for first years was the house party thrown by Robert Morrison of Section 1 at his parents' house in Malibu. Rob pulled together a DJ, food catered from La Salsa, beer, sundry wines, plenty of soft drinks, and valet parking. The party ran from about 5pm to about 11:30pm, although people began streaming out by a little bit before 11pm. There was a piñata (which I unfortunately missed seeing). And, as with any respectable party, there were lines for the bathrooms.

Section 1 really turned out to support their friend, and Section 3 represented as well. Section 2, which many had feared would not show up because we had pretty late notice, nonetheless provided at least eight attendees (not including their guests).

Before proceeding to the pictures, I thank Rob, for putting on this great party! Also thanks to Renu, Shani, and Armen for e-mailing Section 2 about this party.

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