Sunday, February 12, 2006

First Semester Post-Mortem

All the grades are now back, and we now know roughly where we stand. Without sharing the mixed results of my grades, I will say only this: I think we've now had enough time to figure out what to do on these exams. Although each professor looks for different things, one constant seems to be that those who at least go through the motions of re-stating the issue, and declaring a rule, saved a lot of points. Those who remembered esoteric details then proceeded to outperform others. (I thank those who've done well and let me see their essays for this insight.)

Alas, some of us didn't do as well as we'd liked. Still, we survived the first semester. I'm sorry to report that from our section, Fernando Fernandez has withdrawn. His departure has left everyone puzzled, as it was clear that he was doing well in class. Still, sometimes life throws a wild pitch, and we just have to take our best swing. We'll miss you, Fernando.


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