Friday, October 24, 2008

UC Irvine: Get a Legal Education for Free!

It is well known that California has the largest number of lawyers of any state. In fact, there are often complaints that there are simply too many lawyers in California. UC Irvine's law school has the answer: free legal education!

Students who enroll at the University of California’s new law school in Irvine next fall will get their legal education for free.

The law school is giving full tuition scholarships worth about $100,000 to its first 2009 class of about 60 students, the National Law Journal reports.

There you have it. If there are too many lawyers, the solution is to make it easier to get a legal education, rather than targeted incentives such as loan forgiveness for those intending to work in the public interest. What's this you say about a California budget crisis?

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Anonymous said...

yeah this just makes no sense...of all states need law schools CA is absolutely the last one...The quality of faculty really does make the school attractive but what's in it for them?