Monday, March 31, 2008

APALSA Slam Dunk "Horse"

It was cold in the hills when Ricky held his BBQ, so some of the APALSA Board decided to play "horse", with slam dunks!

Here, Ricky gets an assist from Terry.

Here, Charles goes for a quick dunk.

Here, the boys discuss Yao Ming while Terry stuffs one, Charles goes for a few alley oops, James does a reverse dunk, Ricky goes for a windmill (of sorts), and Charles does another alley oop.

Here, Ricky uses his arms in an unusual manner, James realizes he's a bit tall for the height setting, Terry raises the basketball so James can stuff it, but misses it himself, Charles stuffs it, and Ricky blames a "majestic bird" for a bad pass.

Here, James goes for a fly by, and Terry redeems himself.

Thanks for hosting, Ricky!

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