Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upper Division Writing Requirement

The Stud has been spending several hours at the LLS Library lately, trying to get in the groove of writing a substantial draft for his Law of War class to satisfy his upper division writing requirement. (Loyola Law School requires that each student take a class that satisfies this requirement in order to graduate.)

This morning, the Stud, with faithful companion Aloha Princess, skipped Law of Sales to make one last stab at their papers before turning them in and speaking before the Law of War class about them. They managed to get this done. Aloha Princess was terrified she would be obviously nervous, but did a great job of presenting her paper. The Stud was a bit more scatter-brained in front of the class, but both managed to survive the experience.

The moral of the story is, if you're taking a class to satisfy your upper division writing requirement, get at least your outline done within a couple of weeks of turning in your paper topic, so you can get some feedback from your professor. Or, failing that, stock up on Red Bull.

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