Saturday, September 29, 2007

Innovations in Recruiting

Stepping into the YouTube age, many law firms are revamping their recruitment sites to keep the interests of those of us who, let's face it, spend a lot of time distracting ourselves browsing video sites when we should be studying at the library. The New York Times has the report:

Several firms are trying to parlay that discovery into a hiring tool, creating recruiting videos and Web sites with the look and feel of YouTube. The firms hope to persuade students that their lawyers, and by extension the firms, are young-thinking and hip.

The need to attract top-notch summer associates is crucial; they are the pool from which most new hires are made. More than 19,000 graduates join law firms each year.

So far, the firms’ efforts have run the gamut from simple conversations with summer associates to videos promoting the firm’s expertise or its diversity.

“The videos are still kind of in the early days,” said Brian Dalton, the senior law editor at Vault Reports, which ranks law firms. “A lot of them come off seeming like hostage videos.”

Well, you don't get anywhere without taking a first step. Read the whole thing for examples of firms who've done a bit better than "hostage videos".

(Hat-tip: Jannet)

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