Saturday, August 26, 2006

Welcome Back at Hotel Fig

Each year, the Loyola Law School Student Bar Association arranges to have a Welcome Back party at nearby Figueroa Hotel at 939 South Figueroa Street, also better known as Hotel Fig. When I had gone last year, I knew only a few people, and met perhaps two second year students. This year, the turnout seemed bigger, and I definitely mingled with many more people.

Heck, one first year (who shall remain anonymous) even came up to me and asked if I remembered her from a birthday party I had attened last year. Fortunately, now that she's a student, I'll have less excuse to forget.

The walk over from school is a short one. The major cross-streets are Figueroa (of course) and Olympic (this is a view from the southwestern corner):

Hotel Fig looks small-ish at first, but the pool area, which is where the party was, is through this hallway:

At the last light of day, the party had yet to get going. Once things got swinging, though, the pool area was standing room only. Much fun was had.

It was great to see all the advanced students again. Welcome back, and a hearty welcome to all the first years who found time to join us at the party. This is only the beginning of a journey, and you'll find fellow travelers along the way that, with some luck, will be traveling with you far beyond law school.

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