Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Write-On Competition - Part II - Smooth Sailing

I woke up just before 11am yesterday. I touched up my paper just a bit, and then proceeded to run the course of errands to lead to the submission. The plan was to go to school, print out the paper, go to Staples for envelopes, and then back to school to submit the paper. Since I was going to need to drive to Staples, I figured on driving to school, too, even though it was within easy walking distance.

But the streets around school were closed off for media equipment vehicles. Apparently, Nissan is doing a photo shoot for the 2007 Sentra. There was, in fact, a dark red one right on the quad; they were using the Fritz B. Burns Academic Center, designed by Frank Gehry, as the backdrop. I had to park the car back at the condo, and walk to school after all.

The printing went off without a hitch. Not too many people were at the computer lab. Afterward, I went to the Information Center, which is also the student mail center, and purchased some 2-cent stamps. (I so infrequently buy stamps, the post office always raises rates before I'm done with a book of stamps.) Then, I went back to the library to make photocopies of two pages in the information package that needed to be turned in with the paper. Finally, I went to the campus bookstore to purchase the 10x13 manila envelopes I needed to put the papers in.

Total cost: $1.34.

And now I can relax, and enjoy my trip to Chicago.

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