Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day After

By the time the Constitutional Law final rolled around, it was getting a bit anticlimactic. Apparently, Sections 1 and 2 had our finals around the same time (in the afternoon) -- and apparently, the questions were very nearly the same. That should not come as a huge surprise: Dean Burcham, who taught Con Law to Section 2, had himself taken Con Law with Professor May, who taught Section 1 this year.

Around 5pm, after we had all packed up our laptops and milled out to the quad, we were greeting each other as 2Ls. Some of us decided to head over to the Daily Grill at the southeast corner of Flower and 6th in Downtown Los Angeles.

But the real festivities were yet to come! Genevieve Walser-Jolly, a bona fide 2L, had arranged to reserve Hollywood Club Day After for a special shindig for all Loyola Law School students and their friends and tagalongs. The club was at the famed interesection of Hollywood and Highland.

Update: (2006.05.30.11:10 PDT) FormosanWonderBoy has pictures, including the interesting case of the Girls Who Can't Take a Straight Picture With Him.

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