Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bar Review - I - Bigfoot Lodge

School's been back in session for less than a week, and already we can feel the need for some bar reviewing! Tonight, we went to the Bigfoot Lodge. Despite not having finished my readings for tomorrow, I decided to take a break and make a visit.

The bar is pretty much a biker bar, or seemed to be tonight. There were lots of motorcycles outside; the bartenders were dressed in black tops and jeans; and there was lots of leather, supplemented with a pinch of Goth.

I arrived at 10:30pm, and soon found Chris Langley. The two of us wandered up and down the establishment for a bit looking for people we recognized. There were not many, although a group in the corner looked like they might just be law students.

Later on, we ran into Cioffi Remmer from Section 3; apparently there was a large contingent from their section, which has earned the reputation of being the "party section". Indeed, the gaggle of geeks seemingly law students in the back corner was, in fact, Section 3. A little later, we ran into Shani Kaesler (Section 2 represent!), before Chris had to leave. A little while after, Justin Cronin, also of Section 3, greeted me.

It probably would have picked up a little more later, but as I wanted to get some reading done, I decided to come home before midnight. I've just got the "skim" part to read for Property, and the reading in general for Contracts. Although we seem to be a few pages behind in Contracts, the reading for tomorrow is less than 10 pages, so I suspect we'll be well and caught up ere long. Besides, Dean Burcham, who is teaching Constitutional Law, has office hours beginning at 8am tomorrow, so it might not be a bad idea to go hob nob with him before getting breakfast before Contracts class.

Anyway, if anybody from Section 2 is reading, we've got to start showing up to events. I know a lot of us are older, and have very committed lives outside, but it's probably not a bad idea to get to know our future colleagues outside of the legal environment. You never know when a drinking buddy can become the key to that dream job.

The Bigfoot Lodge is at 3172 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039. There's a Girls' Night, and London Calling ($3 pints of Guinness and Newcastle) is on Wednesdays.

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